I-Remit, Inc. Chairman Bansan Choa and President Harris Jacildo attends the 1st Symposium on Migration, Peace and Development DFA Auditorium, Pasay City June 7, 2013

I-Remit, Inc. Chairman and CEO, Bansan C. Choa and President and COO, Harris D. Jacildo attended the 1st Symposium on Migration, Peace and Development sponsored by The Philippine Ambassador’s Foundation, Inc. (PAFI) on June 7, 2013. In cooperation with The Office of the Undersecretary for Migrant Workers’ Affairs (OUMWA) and various NGOs, the symposium marks the 18th year since the signing into law of Republic Act 8042 or “Migrant Workers Act”, which instituted the main policies on overseas employment and promoted the protection and welfare of OFWs.

The symposium highlighted the major developments and lessons learned since the enactment of Republic Act 8042 and promoted the best practices in protecting the welfare of our migrant workers. The symposium had the following speakers with their corresponding topics: Mr. Renato Villa – Special Assistant, OUMWA (Rapid Response Mechanism), Mr. Luther Calderon – President, KAMPI and Kabalikat ng OFW (Social Costs of Migration), Gen. Yolanda Tanigue – Philippine National Police and ISS-Philippines (Managing Human Trafficking and International Social Service), Ms. Maria Paz De Guzman – Chairperson, National Task Force on Family and Alternative Parental Care (Special Protection Programs for Children) and Mr. Ricardo Casco – National Program Officer, International Organization for Migration (Labor Migration Movement).