I-Remit – Best Collecting Non Bank for OFW Remittances.

I-Remit, Inc. the largest Filipino-owned, non-bank money remittance firm bags once again the award as the Best Collecting Non-Bank for OFW Remittances for the SSS Balikat ng Bayan Awards. I-Remit, Inc. has been recognized for the same award for 2 consecutive years by SSS upholding its commitment of providing reliable and efficient remittance services to the Overseas Filipino Workers.
I-Remit has been a pioneer in accepting contributions and loan amortization payments of OFWs for SSS since 2008. I-Remit is the first non bank authorized agent by the SSS to provide the electronic overseas collection service and payments of OFW members that pay through any I-Remit Foreign Office can be posted in 24 hours.
“This award is a testimony to our almost a decade of commitment to the Global Filipino. To be able to serve their remittance needs is an honor to us.” said I-Remit Chairman and CEO, Bansan Choa. He adds “With the existing operational procedure, facility and technology that we have, Overseas Filipino Workers are secure with the thought that posting of their contribution is done within 24 hours.”
I-Remit also accepts membership contributionns for other government agencies namely Pag-IBIG Fund and Philhealth. I-Remit also has ongoing partnerships with Real Estate and Insurance companies making it easy for loans and premiums to be paid on time.
I-Remit is present in 26 countries and territories in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and North America.