I-Remit, Inc. Chairman and CEO Bansan Choa delivers a speech at the 2016 Asia SME Summit April 20, 2016

Asia SME Summit 2016 brings together some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. Starting from humble beginnings these entrepreneurs are now paving the way for our nation’s growth thru building a culture of excellence and inspiring positive change through big ideas and innovative industry solutions. I-Remit Chairman and CEO, Bansan Choa, caught everyone’s attention with his presentation about his personal experience on small and medium enterprises in this Asia SME Summit 2016. The other high profile presenters include Elizabeth Lee (CEO, E- Motors), Ted Ferrer (President, Generika), Mario Berta (CEO, Flyspaces.com), Jim Donovan (CEO, ADEC Innovations), Philips Yu (President, LBC X), Paul Rivera (CEO, Kalibrr), and Mitch Locsin (Vice President and Head, PLDT Smart SME Nation). Panelists for the Summit were Mon Abrea of Abrea Consulting Group and Tina and Regina Sambalido of Renegade Folk.