25th Barrio Fiesta sa London 2009

More than 15,000 Filipinos and Britons joined the Philippine 25th barrio fiesta on July 18 and 19, once again turning the Lampton Park in Hounslow, Middlesex, into a virtual stage of one of the longest-running Filipino celebrations in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.

Philippine remittance companies and banks, travel agencies, cargoes forwarders, real property developers, restaurants and catering services, retailers and other service providers also put up stalls of their own.

The event was highlighted by the presence of Filipino Artist’s Janno Gibbs and Arnel Ignacio. The Hounslaw Barrio Fiesta is a project of the Philippine Centre.

I-Remit UK joined as a stall holder with its team namely: James Martinez, Jiji Orbeta, Lyn Baruela and Ms. Robbylyn So.



Photo shows: Ms. Lyn Baruela with Janno Gibbs


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