I-Remit in Gawad Kalinga 700`s Heroes Night

I-Remit supported the Gawad Kalinga 700`s Heroes Night that was celebrated on the 25th of October at Famee Furlane Friuli Hall, Woodbridge, Ontario. The gala night was held to honor the contributions of the donors, sponsors and volunteers of Gawad Kalinga.
Among the top Filipino dignitaries present that night were Former President Fidel Ramos, his wife Hon. Amelita “Ming” Ramos and Consul General Alejandro Mosquerra. The event was hosted by the Philippine Independence Day Council (PIDC), the Philippine Embassy in Ottawa, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce (PCCT) and other major Filipino organizations including various church groups. There were approximately 300 Filipinos and Canadians guests.
For the guests, I-Remit staff distributed bundled flyers (Fulfillment Services, Click & Call, Shop N Pay, SSS, Phil-health, Pag-ibig) and eco bags. Most of the people who got the bags and flyers were grateful and even inquired about remittance services.

This vevent is another great opportunity because staying connected with fellow Filipinos make I-Remit on top among competitors in Toronto. The company`s presence in most of the Filipino assemblages likewise makes OFWs cognizant about I-Remit and its fast and reliable remittance services.