Yummy Chow


iRemit’s global network is ever-expanding with its increasing number of capable business partners. One such partner is Ms. Rowena Fairhall of Yummy Chow Austral-Asian Management Services in Queensland, Australia.

Ms. Fairhall is a Certified Public Accountant, who practiced her profession for 11 years in the Philippines before moving to Australia, where she initially worked in an accounting firm in New South Wales. Soon after, she and her husband Les moved to Queensland to establish their own business, an Asian supermarket.

Her Filipino customers then started to inquire if Yummychow offers money remittance service. With this, Ms. Fairhall decided to venture into this type of service. Later on, she encountered Filipino Vision Express Padala, an iRemit associate, who introduced her to the possibility of becoming an iRemit associate. Eventually, she was formally recognized as a member of the iRemit network on June 2004.

Since becoming an associate, Ms. Fairhall describes her relationship with iRemit as “Perfect, satisfied, and happy” because of her excellent relationship with iRemit personnel. When asked about her future plans, she says: “I intend to stay in this business for the rest of my life. I love it… I intend to build a great money remittance business in Australia.” But beyond the profits, to her what is more important is the service she renders to Filipinos. “If I am able to do something good for somebody… I am happy,” she declares.

Her message to Filipinos is: “Good people deserve good service and you are all good people of God, generous and kind-hearted, family-loving OFWs and migrants. I love you all and will serve you to the best I can, offer you more than 100% of myself… let me help you in some way to ease the pains of thinking about the plight of our loved ones in the Philippines by serving you in your money remittance needs.”